Aquardens - Verona Thermal Park

An island that was not there, an emotion that comes to life from the water, a dream that you have not yet done.
A succession of pools and lagoons, caves and waterfalls that make available more than 5,200 square meters of water salt-iodine waters gushing pure at 47°C from a depth of 130 meters, to combine the benefits of hydrotherapy with the pleasure of whirlpools and music-therapy, with immersed atmospheres in spring and summer and evocative and enveloping in winter.

A beautiful architectural structure, like a precious stone, set among the rolling hills of Valpolicella just a few kilometers from Lake Garda.
Inside a wellness center that covers 1,500 square meters with beauty cabins and SPA Medical SPA where to consult renowned medical specialists. A world of well-being and for meeting, relaxation and leisure zest for life. Discover some of the endless emotions that you can try in Aquardens.

grotta e terrazza
grotta e terrazza1
isola del sole

CAVE OF HARMONY (Grotta dell'Armonia) - 35°C, 90 CM

The Cave of Harmony: color therapy and music therapy, a relaxation for body and soul, and in the silence of the purest, the harmony of colors and sounds of nature will involve you in a totally relaxing experience.

CAVE AND TERRACE OF SOURCE (Grotta e terazza della fonte) - 39°C, FROM 67 CM TO 100 CM

The thermal water of Aquardens to 47°C flows in the eleven tanks generously feeding the entire Thermal Park. The source beneficial flows through the rock cracked the source directly from the depths of the Earth up to pour in the hot tubs of the cave.

The terrace offers moments of relaxation, in the panorama of Valpolicella.

THERMAL LAKES AND ISLAND SUN (Laghi termali e isola del sole) - 28°C, 121 CM

A lagoon that the sun's rays never tire of kissing. With good or bad weather pamper yourself surrounded by azure waters of our lakes in which light and an amazing fountain choreography, a real show!


The cult of beauty and body care that we have rediscovered the centuries and which recalls the need always the person to feel at ease in your body, can be considered a gift to the ancient civilizations have made to our technological era. As in the ancient tradition of the Roman baths, Aquardens proposes the ideal route: soft sauna, Mediterranean bath, steam bath and Finnish sauna, cold balanced reactions culminating in a cascade of ice. The showers give an intense feeling of freshness making the varied and stimulating.
For the rest, the relaxation areas offer a pleasant break through the igloo suspended, water beds, the beds of hot sand and routes music-chromatic.



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